How to install SEManage on CentOS 8

CentOS 7 and the newer version of CentOS are installed SELinux by default and it plays an important role in managing permissions with the security control and the service access permissions. Unfortunately, the commands of SELinux are not so friendly for people to remember and a little bit difficult to use. So, a software was born, and it was called SEManage. It can help you easily operate and change the settings of SELinux. And I would show you how to install SEManage in this post.

Step 1

First, I would introduce to you how to find SEManage.
Because SEManage is packed in another package, you have to use the keywords “semanage” and the statement “whatprovides” of dnf  to find it.
As you can see there are two packages called “policycoreutils-python-utils” in the finding results, and that is what you need to install.


Step 2

Install polcycoreutils-python-utils

This is the easiest part of this article.
Actually I think the most worth learning part of this article is to use “whatprovides” to find the package that you need.


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